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Jesus Tapdancing Christ America. What have you done?

I fell asleep on the couch watching election coverage. Thought I was having a bad dream. Woke up in a nightmare and now I can’t get back to sleep. Make America great again indeed. How so? To what era shall we turn back the clock Donny? To when my vote would not have counted? To when I was 3/5 of a person? To a short short 49 years ago when my marriage would not have been legal? Those who know me know I don’t really do feelings, and I have no tolerance for fear or weakness. Now here at...

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Somnambulant – The Walking Drowsy

Today is my baby brother’s birthday! He is 19. A college man. He is no longer a baby I guess. But as his big sister, I will always kinda think of him as a three year old. And the funniest thing little bro used to do when he was three was refuse to go to sleep. . . .a trait neither of us has outgrown. But he was SO resistant to the idea of going to bed, that he would refuse to sit down; lest he doze off. He would shuffle up and down the hallway walking into walls and insisting I’mNotSleeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy! until someone scooped him up and MADE him go to sleep. Now we’re both adults, and we still refuse to go to bed. Inspiring the word of the...

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Latin root words; easily the most helpful subject I’ve ever had drilled into my head. (Thanks Ms. Ladd!) Thanks to that knowledge base I can look at ridiculous words and know what they mean even if I can’t pronounce them. Today’s latin beauty I had to check the accent syllable on, at least three times, because, well, as I’ve been told many times in my life: I ‘talk funny’. I “talk funny” because I speak accentless english; however, I DO possess the ability to mimic accents and create character voices that sound nothing like my own. . .giving my audio performances a...

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Excogitate – Let me think on that. .

Today’s word comes to you from the Latin “excogitat” literally meaning  ‘found by process of thought,’. a Delicious combination of the prefix ex for ‘out of’ and the verb cogitare – to think. This is for all my knowledge-vores who get a taste of a topic, an art, a craft, a language, any field of study and just dive right in face first to learn EVERYTHING about it! Also for my grounded individuals who understand the importance of researching a topic fully before giving an opinion. Should anyone ever press you for information before you feel ready, whip out...

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