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Defenestrate! My favourite SAT word

From the fenestra, for “window” paired with the prefix de, as in “down from” I give you: I was in seventh grade when I first learned this word, and it has NEVER stopped being funny. I just love that there is a word in the English language for throwing nouns from a window.  It is hands down my favourite smartypants word. What’s...

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The Return of Sesquipedalian Thursdays!!

A few years ago a fellow nerd pal was out to dinner with a client  who jokingly made reference to his use of “big ole ten dollar words”. His response, as I was told was to inform her: “If Coleen were here, she would have worded us all under the table”. Not only did I appreciate the compliment, I commended his use of the word ‘word’ as a verb. A wordsmithing technique I enjoy immensely. Especially when I’m annoyed, anything becomes a verb! In the retelling of this story at work the next day, several associates within earshot agreed with the...

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Color Me Awesome

On today’s episode of  “I saw it, I wanted it, I made it” The Mad Scientist in me brings you Becca Autumn Punch, and . . .every neon purple abut to be released in October. (including new treats from Rising Phoenixx!) I know, it’s mean to tease, but I am so in love with that purple, I just HAD to share!! Same color, but creamy, not sticky! Where am I gonna wear this? …oh right, EVERYWHERE What colors should I make next? Tell me in the comments below! I’m thinking coral-ish?...

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Lumpia Shack is my happy place when it comes to tiny food. I will gladly cry thru spicy chicken lemongrass lumpia.

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  • @craftnerd Some election noise. At 7am, PLUS a "ma'am"? I didn't look too closely lest I take it out on his candidate lol
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  • Guy on train platform: Good morning ma'am! ::tries to hand me a flyer:: Me: did you just MA'AM me?!?! Guy: hahaha well I- Me: NO.