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About Last Night

It’s always fun to open up the browser on my phone in the and see the last thing I Googled. Saturday morning’s surprise was an animated gif of “Kumail Nanjiani eyebrow raise”. Today. . . .a bit more . . ....

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Gurrrrrl. . ..

Some girls wear their heart on their sleeve. Me? I wear my side-eye on my shirt. How has this not made it into the dictionary yet? . . .wait…HAS it made it into the dictionary? Want to get your hands on one of these tanks so you too can gurrrrrl without actually having to say anything at all? *Choose your size and color...

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In a text conversation with another anxiety bomb pal (it’s suuuuper fun when we go out unaccompanied!) I randomly suggested we have shirts printed up that said NO, in the biggest possible letters. We took waaaaay too long choosing a font, and the NO shirt was created. It’s the first thing I reach for when I’m wearing shorty shorts. I love it in grey, but its amazeballs in red. Want to get your hands on one of your own? Click here! This slideshow requires...

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Blue Valentine

 I’ve been missing my days of wacky lipstick lately :-/ so when I saw one of my fave gotta-catch-em-all lipstick brands(L.A. Girl) had a grey AND a blue? I did what had to be done. Then when we set a brunch date with pals I don’t get to see that often, for the day before Valentine’s Day. . .I couldn’t decide which one to rock, Blue Valentine, or Poetic As always when dealing with a spoiled voluptuary like yours truly, the answer was both. <<This is what it looks like when you wear Poetic over Blue Valentine  At $5 a...

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