Excogitate – Let me think on that. .

Today’s word comes to you from the Latin “excogitat” literally meaning  ‘found by process of thought,’. a Delicious combination of the prefix ex for ‘out of’ and the verb cogitare – to think.

This is for all my knowledge-vores who get a taste of a topic, an art, a craft, a language, any field of study and just dive right in face first to learn EVERYTHING about it!

Also for my grounded individuals who understand the importance of researching a topic fully before giving an opinion. Should anyone ever press you for information before you feel ready, whip out the phrase: This will require further excogitation. It’s the “I’m right on top of that Rose!” for smartypants people 😀


Now go forth and excogitate!

Worth a mention: I checked the spelling about 7 times on this because spellcheck refused to acknowledge it as a word.
¬_¬ Extra nerd side eye for making me doubt myself ¬_¬


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