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I’m back Bitchez!

Guess who’s back. . . . back again

Soo. .

It’s been nearly two years since I last posted anything. (Shoutout to InMotion for keeping me up and running!) But I’m back and I’m ready to pollute the interwebz with all my nonsense yet again. Who’s ready??

I, like a lot of you have been stuck in neutral. Spinning my wheels stuck between rage, sadness, and helplessness as the country crumbles into ruin around our heads. But I guess I’m done hibernating. Time to get out and live life again. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Time to put up or shut up!
I have just over a month -ok 36 wholes days to fill this bad boy in:

And now- 

As the year winds down, I’ll be thinking of some new goals for 2019.  I don’t make “New Year’s Resolutions”, only to-do lists. . . . also to-don’t lists, and lists of places I want to visit. I do kinda dig lists ♥

I have just over a month (36 days to be exact) to fill in my 2018 Goal journal.   

So I’ll be working on crossing off as much as I can in the next 864 hours. While also blabbing on the internet about my life and travels. I have some interesting plans for the new year so stay tuned for antics & adventures, a little ranting (ok a lot of ranting) and maybe some tutorials!

Getting there:

I’ve done really well filling in the “I Want To Go” pages! South Beach, Philly, Jupiter. Yeah! Introvert Adventurers!

However, I do only have a little while left to find out what dragonfruit tastes like. To Whole Foods! Post haste!


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Jesus Tapdancing Christ America. What have you done?

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