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. . .or more aptly called: Smorgas-park, as it has expanded into other locations, rendering the witty pun irrelevant :-/

I didn’t really care about the new location, but the completionist in me HAD to check it out.  We were already in the park breaking down the Etsy booth @ Celebrate Brooklyn so I figured why not? We landed a stellar spot right outside the 9th street entrance and didn’t want to chance moving the car. (#NotGamblers) So we decided to walk. Good thing it wasn’t 100° out or anything! . . .no wait. ..wait. . it totally was.

Smorgaspark Doesn’t look that far, but I was pretty sure we’d passed onto the Fury Road at one point.

By the time we got there, all I wanted out of life was lemonade. A big icy sweet corn-plastic cup of fresh squeezed, food festival lemonade.  Not Cranberry lime-ade, not strawberry basil lemonade, not dragonpassiondurianfruit infused lemonsomething! . . .. OK I made that last one up, but you get my drift? I love crafty artisan culinary wackiness as much as the next guy, but there’s a limit.

Then I spotted Lumpia Shack. My happy place! I hurried on over as fast as my wobbly legs could carry me and OMG! THEY HAD LEMONADE!!!!

As well as these delightful thangs:

Chicken & lemongrass lumpia @ Smorgasburg

Chicken & lemongrass lumpia @ Smorgasburg

I arrived annoyed, but left happily breathing fire.


The Verdict


Summary It was OK. Pros: Less crowded than Williamsburg, with all of my fave nom spots. Cons: Not much shade, the beer area was penned in, lots of dogs + having to sit on the floor = Ew.

Worth The Trip?
Will I Go Back?

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  1. Paul

    The weather was unbearable, but the walk back through the park was quite lovely once we found a shaded trail.


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