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Thankful Throughout: Day 3 – Fuzzy Woodland Creatures

Thankful Throughout: Day 3 – Fuzzy Woodland Creatures

Thankful for the fuzzy woodland creature who resides in my living room.

2014-11-27 19.55.18

We made Oz his own Thanksgiving dinner. He ate the giant carrot “steak” first of course.

<< This guy. His name is Ozymandias and he is awesome.

He came hopping into our lives about four years ago. We were only supposed to be bunnysitting
until we found him a forever home, but once he poked that little nose out of the carrier we were like yeah, no, he lives here now.

He’s a badass little bunny who shows no fear, kicks the vaccuum cleaner when it makes too much noise, and jumps on my chest when I fall asleep for too long in the living room.

He’s a painkiller and a mood stabilizer. He keeps me company when I am working, and wiggles his nose in response when I need to talk something out. He’s just the right amount of interactive, and as low maintenance as a gal could want in a fuzzy pal.


And for this adorable little face, I am thankful.

On my best days. On my worst days. I am thankful for that wiggly nose.

And now for no particular reason, here are four more photos of my little Ozziepants:


Ozzie camps out under the desk no matter how long I am sitting there, or how lost I get in Photoshop. . . sometimes he bites my sock to remind me it’s time to eat.


This is his OMFG Thanks for the kale!!! face.


Here is skeptical Ozzie wondering why I am pushing a random bowl of treats toward him. . .



aaaand this is what I wake up to when I fall asleep on the floor after a night of partying a littttle too hard. Ozzie’s ‘Are you dead?’ face.


Always remember.



  1. Melinda

    how come there’s no follow button? 🙁 I want to follow you. (That sounds stalkerish but it promise you I have the best of intentions!)

    • C Phoenixx

      You make a really good point!! I’ll get one up ASAP! 🙂


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