Latin root words; easily the most helpful subject I’ve ever had drilled into my head. (Thanks Ms. Ladd!)

Thanks to that knowledge base I can look at ridiculous words and know what they mean even if I can’t pronounce them. Today’s latin beauty I had to check the accent syllable on, at least three times, because, well, as I’ve been told many times in my life: I ‘talk funny’.

I “talk funny” because I speak accentless english; however, I DO possess the ability to mimic accents and create character voices that sound nothing like my own. . .giving my audio performances a quality of . . . .*drumroll* verisimilitude!

verisimilitude Was that a long way to go for a short drink of water? NO. Because that is not a short drink of anydamnthing.

Add this word to your lexicon, whip it out the next time you see a bad play, or you need to confound a Drumpf supporter.

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