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The Return of Sesquipedalian Thursdays!!

A few years ago a fellow nerd pal was out to dinner with a client  who jokingly made reference to his use of “big ole ten dollar words”. His response, as I was told was to inform her:

“If Coleen were here, she would have worded us all under the table”.

Not only did I appreciate the compliment, I commended his use of the word ‘word’ as a verb. A wordsmithing technique I enjoy immensely. Especially when I’m annoyed, anything becomes a verb!

In the retelling of this story at work the next day, several associates within earshot agreed with the client and tut-tutted our use of  ‘$10 words’.  Having  just been recently freed of a direct superior who, for two years, constantly chided me for my vocabulary, deleted “extraneous” punctuation in my writing, and sharply reminded me in every meeting to “speak and write so other people could understand you” yes, verbatim. . .during meetings, more than once. (How did the other managers not take offense to this? She was basically telling me to dumb it down because they’re dumb. . .and they didn’t object!  . . .oh right. Never mind)

After a 46 minute meeting (yes I timed it, I was THAT bored) about an email I sent containing the apparently indecipherable phrase “after the implementation of said policy” my nerd pal & work BFF decided that no, we would not reign it in. We would not dumb it down. Nor would we acquiesce, abate, or relent in our quest to expand the limits of our collective lexicon!!!

It was Thursday. So was born Sesquipedalian Thursdays! Wherein we would put to use all those S.A.T. words we had drilled into our heads since the seventh grade! There was always much sighing and eye-rolling, but I know we had at least one convert! Sooooooo it’s back!

Here’s your first taste, just in case you need a quick primer:


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