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Taking Stock

Taking Stock

I was driving around today, just running errands I’d been putting off all week.

Lumber, Home Depot bags, and half my halloween costume taking up the back seat, mentally checking off the shops I need to hit tomorrow (which is now today because it’s 4:45 in the morning) to complete my costume. (Toast The Knowing BTW) I felt a small sense of accomplishment.

I love lists and I love crossing things off of lists.

I pulled into the drive and hauled all my new acquisitions upstairs. Catching sight of the two batches of fresh soap curing in the dining room, the sense of accomplishment grew; and grew.

I thought of all the goodies I have to make for Small Business Saturday; and all the displays I’m going to build for upcoming craft shows and the planning gears started turning in my crazy crazy scatterbrain.


How I feel right now. #StopLookingUpMyNose

That feeling of accomplishment sort of blossomed. . . and as I furiously tapped at my phone, making my lists (oh Google Keep, what would I do without you?) and carrying on 6 different threads with friends and event organizers, my accomplishment(s?) morphed into a serene feeling of immense contentment and gratitude.

I paused and thought: Life is good.

Life is really good.

It’s been a pretty wild ride this year, more ups and downs than ever; and I am so grateful for every insane moment.

In that instant I told the gal pal I was talking (texting) to that I counted her among the number of strong young women in my life that keep their households running and keep a firm grip on life no matter how hard it bucks and whinnies.

We were venting about how rough it can get trying to just . . .well. . .live right about now. I wanted to share the feeling of YAAASSSSS that I was experiencing.

I thought HEY! I’m going to make a new category on mah blog! A nice neat little box to put all these moments of thanks into. Let’s see how long I can keep a list going before I burn out lol


I am loving life right now and will be making a list of things I am thankful for every day for as long as I can. Care to join me?


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  1. Eryka

    Love seeing you shine and be the vibrant person you are! I’m so excited for what this chapter will bring for you! I’m in! #takestock70


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