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Thankful Throughout: Day 5 – Proximity to the Ocean

Thankful Throughout: Day 5 – Proximity to the Ocean

Thankful for how close I live to the ocean, and the serenity that provides me anytime I need it.

So I know I just finished saying how thankful I am for the ability to so get lost in the madness of NYC anytime I need it, but there is also the flip side of that coin: the vast deep ocean. It is so much nothing, and so deep and unknown at the same time. It reminds me how small we all are. I think we all need that from time to time.

We live in a time where everyone has an over inflated sense of self importance. Yes everyone. Not just the Kardashians or whoever; We all fall into that trap from time to time.  MontaukBeach

To sit beside the ocean and just listen to the crashing waves and contemplate the rotation of the earth and the pull of the moon on our tides. . . well,. . .it’s like a reset button.

You had a bad day? Your skinny jeans don’t fit? Didn’t get that promotion? Pals didn’t invite you out Friday night?

Did you know that 95% of the ocean is unexplored?

So you didn’t lose those 5 lbs you meant to lose by x-date. . .  . .there could be magical Liopleurodon frolicking at the bottom of the Challenger Deep! Get your head out of your ass.

I’m not much of a beach goer, but I do enjoy the shore at . . .or way after, sunset.

For the calm and composure that I feel just being near the ocean. For the way that the thunderous breaking of the waves erases all the small unimportant thought strands cobwebbing the corners of my mind. For the optimism and anticipation I feel, at the promise of tomorrow that fills my heart, replacing fear and doubt;


I am thankful.



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